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Basic Climbing knots

Posted by itrekz on July 16, 2008

Climbing Knots
Without hyperbole employed, there are more than 100 knots (even more) one can use for climbing purposes; however, few most essential knots are mentioned here.

Few basics of knots are:

  • Easy to remember
  • Easy to tie
  • Enough strength to be stable under stress and load
  • Easy to untie

Figure of Eight knot:
If there is any one knot that must be absolutely learned, it is the figure of eight knot.
There are two methods, the figure of eight rethreaded and figure of eight on the bight or loop. The first one is used usually to secure the rope to the harness while second one is used to use for clipping into the karabiner or any equipment.

Clove hitch knot:
There are two methods:
Open clove hitch: When the anchor is open and the knot can be just ‘put in’ from the top, for example a truncated tree trunk.

Closed clove hitch: This knot is used when it is to be ‘tied around’ a closed anchor, like a huge tree, where one cannot just ‘put in’ the knot.

Bowline knot:
This knot is used when the rope is directly tied around the waist of the climber without any harness. Also in some cases this can be used for anchoring. Not used often.

Italian hitch:
In conditions when the belay device is damaged or dropped of a cliff, there is still a way to belay using plain Karabiner using the Italian hitch knot. One can even rappel down and descend using the Italian hitch knot around a karabiner.

Reef knot and Fisher man knot are used to join two ropes together. Reef knot is used for joining two ropes of equal diameter where as Fisherman knot is versatile and can be used in any case, specifically for two ropes of different diameters.


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