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Rock climbing styles

Posted by itrekz on July 16, 2008

Traditional climbing:
A traditional rock climber is more often called as ‘Trad’ climber. A Trad climber is any climber, who is secured with ropes and places protection (pro) like nuts, bolts, pitons, hexes, in the faults on the rock face as one ascends. The faults can be crack, notches, projections, nips, crete. If no crack is naturally available one may drill the bolt in with a hammer. Trad climbing is mostly done in teams.

Sport climbing:
Sport climbing is very similar to Trad climbing but for the difference in gear and bolted nature of the route. The rope system remains the same, but added protection ensues from pre-bolted routes, wherein a climber has to just clip-in the quick draw as one ascends. A quick draw is a short sling with one bent gate Karabiner and one straight karabiner at its ends. It is mostly short climbs, not more than two or three pitches and with added safety, more emphasis can be placed on climbing techniques and harder moves.

Bouldering is the most explosive and dynamic type of climbing. Bouldering is usually done on boulders not high more than 15-20 feet. These are known as boulder problems or boulder challenges. The climber is never actually much of the ground and bouldering consist of series of moves where in a limber has to climb or traverse a boulder problem.
Bouldering even though not higher up, offers the most difficult problems and climbs to be overcome, since you might not attempt a difficult and dynamic moves at a height of, say 60 feet of the ground, as against when you are just 10 feet o the ground. In bouldering, no rope or equipments are used, but just crash pads to fall on so as to avoid injury.

Indoor/Wall climbing:
During rains, the routes are always laden with moss and it makes it impossible to climb in those extremely slippery conditions. To satiate their hunger for climbing, climbing enthusiasts, devised Indoor climbing or wall climbing. However, today indoor climbing has taken over the Trad climbing and is more favored in Europe and US. All the climbing competitions are done on indoor walls. The environment is always controlled and the route manipulative.

Ice climbing:
Even, though never done, few words on it. Frozen waterfall, vertical ice face are climbed with specialized equipments. Crampon equipped shoes; ice axes etc are bare essentials of the same. In addition to equipments used, the nature of the climb, the routes and climbing techniques differs a lot. Ice faces exhibit mutations and changes its nature between the lead climber and the second.


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