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There are numerous mountaineering organizations established and working in the state. However some very few prominent and active ones are mentioned here. These organizations besides effectively managing group of like minded people and moulding in to a coherent group has rendered selfless service to the entire climbing and mountaineering fraternity as a whole

Aarohak, Pune

Bhramanti, Mumbai

Camp Fire India, Mumbai

Chakram Hikers, Mumbai

Giripremi, Pune

Giriviraj, Dombivli

Girivihar, Mumbai

Nisargamitra, Panvel

Nisarga Bhraman, Mumbai

Nisarga Giribhraman, Kalyan

Shailbhramar, Mumbai

Shivgarjana, Kalyan

The Explorers and Adventurers, Mumbai

Trekdi, Pune

Trekshitiz, Dombivli

Vainateya Giriyarohan Giribhraman, Nashik

Yashwanti, Pune

Yuvashakti, Pune

Young Zingaro Trekkers, Mumbai


2 Responses to “Groups”


    आपले स्वागत आहे.

    सह्याद्रीच्या कुशीत जाण्या हवे आपणास सोबती,
    करु नका विचार दुसरा इथे मिळती स्नेही अनेक. अन् मैत्रजिव्हाळा.

    “ना नफ़ा ना तोटा” या तत्वावर आधारित ट्रेक आयोजीत केले जातात याचे कारण म्हणजे क्लबचे घोषवाक्य आहे “छंदातुन संवादाकडे”

    Orkut Community: http://www.orkut.co.in/Community.aspx?cmm=18521861

    Please give some club details on this website


    Hanumant 9011667534 till 25 July 08
    then take new no 9881907177


  2. itrekz said

    Hello Hanumant,
    The group will be shortly added! Thanks for the valuable suggestion and addition to the list!

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