iVenturez: Outdoors and Adventures

Terrestrial, Aqua and Aero – Complete adventure!


Well, iTrekz India as an organisation is in its initial stages, but with its members and grey cells working behind it having gained a lots of exposure the void between planning and implementation is bridged faster than expected. The activities, primarily domained in Nature, Adventure and Outdoor categories are now encompassing wider aspects of the same. So the webpage needs to expand as well and in its wake this navigation page will help you wander along different segments and activities that iTrekz India has undertaken and will be undertaking!

Here are the Pages..

  • Forts: A database of forts giving required information about the forts
  • Vroom!: For all the bikers and riders!
  • Team: Know us better.. no compulsion though
  • Events: Upcoming events displayed
  • Memories: Down the memory lane over the previous events
  • Groups: Get to know other groups active in the state
  • Rocksport: For the climbing tribe! Lots more to come in here!
  • Images: Visual imprints of our treks and outings
  • Vision: Our aim and the basic vision behind establishing iTrekz India
  • Navigate: This is where you are right now, to help you navigate through these pages

You can also you Categories to navigate through the web pages swiftly and in a more relevant manner. The categories would be dynamic and increasing as the activities across different vertical takes off. The name says it all and we needn’t say much on how to use them!

Get it: You can now download interesting word and pdf files relevant to biking, trekking, mountaineering, climbing, history and so on… unlimited infobase for download here in! It would aso be a dynamic aspect as the infobase grows.

Blogroll takes you to webpages of other notable organisations and websites operating in the state.

Videos: Provides interesting videos of climbing and other relevant activities that we cater to.

You can search through the Tags or direct keyword search to get to your topic of interest.

And if anything that you are looking for isn’t listed or to be found in these webpages, you will surely get them with a simple e-mail to itrekz@gmail.com and we would be more than obliged to revert back!


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