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Panhala to Vishalgad trek

The trek from Panhala to Vishalgad was a nice experience. Trek route was completed despite some time crunch. Pavan Khind is at its beautiful best in monsoons and is alluring another visit. The trek as such is pretty simple, except for the knee deep marshy patches and slippery treads on most of the route.  Secondly, leeches can be a nuisance, but not to the extent as they are in the Koyna valley region – but yes they can be a nuisance.
Nice experience overall!

For photos visit –




Lonavala to Bhimashankar.. A Trek!

We completed.. Lonavala-Valvanda-Kondeshwar-Kusur pathar-Kusur-Savle-Talpaiwadi-Wandre Khind-Padarwadi-Lower plateau of Bhimashankar in less than 2 days.

Total distance covered.. approximately 75 kms.. inclusive of all missed trails and sorts..


Biking trail to Wada-Suryamal-Khodala-Mokhada-Jawahar

4 bikes..7 riders.. 300 kms.. and loads of fun.. click to read on!

Photographs @ http://picasaweb.google.co.in/itrekz/WadaMokhadaJawaharBikingTrail300kms


Naneghat-Jivdhan-Bhoranda Nal

A nice trek.. click to read on!

Photographs @ http://picasaweb.google.co.in/itrekz/NaneghatJivdhanBhorandaNalTrek



A qucik one dayer interspersed in-between the overnighters.  A good trek as usual with good views and some moments to remember. Some nice snaps as well.



The trek was nice experience amidst heavy rains and stormy winds. We completed Raireshwar and Kenjalgad, and skipped Kamalgad due to scarcity of time.

It was a wonderful trek overall.

Photographs @ http://picasaweb.google.co.in/itrekz/RaireshwarKenjalgad


Konkan Biking trail / Coastal trek

The event was a great success and the plan proceeded smoothly as charted. Keep checking the photographs and the travelogue that will be updated soon. In the meanwhile you can see some of the snapshots here at http://itrekzphotos.wordpress.com/

Complete gallery can be seen at http://picasaweb.google.com/itrekz/BikeTripToKonkan2Days6Forts3VillagesAndLoadsOfFun

Hope you enjoy the snapshots and write ups…



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  1. Makaran,d said

    May I know, who is the moderator of this group.
    I think I know you..
    anyways I liked the site so much. very informative..
    feels like I am back to my world.


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