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Rajgad – Torna – Raigad; beauties like Baglan range; forested patches of Koyna valley and so on

Posted by itrekz on September 19, 2008

It has been lot of biking, monsoons trails and some long trudges (Panhala-Vishalgad and Lonavala-Bhimashankar..both in excess of 70 kms) in the monsoons this year..

Well the monsoons are on the fading lanes and October fast approaching – hopefully – will allow us for some really good range treks with clear scenic views.. a much needed change to fill our visions, which is fogged with mist during the monsoons…

Welcome ranges, panaromic views and some long and tough ones

These will includes ardous ones like Rajgad – Torna – Raigad; beauties like Baglan range; forested patches of Koyna valley and so on.. stay connected!


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Bike ride plus trek near Roha: 14th Sep

Posted by itrekz on September 7, 2008

Next weekend, Sunday – 14th of Sep would see a bike ride and trek to forts of Avchitgad and Ghosalgad forts near Roha. The bike ride would cover a distance of Kalyan – Panvel – Roha or Mumbai/Thane – Panvel – Roha. 

The total riding distance from Kalyan would be approximately 110-115 kms one side. For those coming from Mumbai add another 30/35 kms to it: approximately 150 kilometres depending on the route taken.

We will embark on Saturday (13th September night) and return back on Sunday (14th Sep).. covering approximately a total distance of 250-300 kms and two forts. We would also try and squeeze in a visit to Mandad caves (if the time permits without delaying our return to Mumbai).. depending on the overall speed.. thats just if it is feasible.

Interested ones can drop in an email at itrekz@gmail.com or leave a reply here.. (emails preferred)

If you are going to ride.. and have your own bike.. it is never going to be an issue, if you are a pillion and are looking for a biker to ride with, please allow some time to accommodate by replying at the earliest. For further queries.. mail at the above mentioned email address…

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Upcoming treks

Posted by itrekz on July 22, 2008

Panhala-Vishalgad is already fixed for the long weekend overlapping with our Independence day leave!
what next..?? Here is it..

Ajoba  trek on  30th August 2008 
Nice retreat in monsoons!

Avchitgad and Ghosalgad Bike trek on 14 September 2008

Cost on an equal per head shared basis!

Mail in at itrekz@gmail.com if interested!

Following up.. come october and you will find long “paaytod” treks as if Lonavala-Bhimashankar and Panhala-Vishaldgad aren’t long enough!

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Panhala-Vishalgad trek (approx 65+ kms trek)

Posted by itrekz on July 12, 2008

iTrekz would be conducting this event coming August!

Boarding the Mumbai-Kolhapur Mahalakshmi express on Thursday night (14th August) which leaves from Mumbai at 8.20 PM we reach Kolhapur on 15th August at 7.20 AM.

We would catch a bus and reach Panhala by 9.30 AM. We are already a day short on demand that most of us would not like to take leave from office either on Thursday or Monday! So A quick look and breakfast atop Panhala is allotted 2 hours. Actually Panhala offers much more to see but this particular event is about trekking and trying to reach Vishalgad that too in a short time span!

So we would leave Panhala by Pusati Buruj at around 11.30-12.00. We would then reach Mhasai temple and have our lunch at around 1.30 PM. Later a long day awaits for a long trek and we would try and camp at Karapewadi or further at Aardewadi for our night halt. It would require around 5 hours trek to reach there from the Mhasai temple.

Next day we start early and reach Patewadi for our break fast before 9.00 AM. Then via Pandharpeni (our lunch at around 2.00PM) we would try and reach Pawankhind at around 5.00 PM. The day is long and trek a tiring and would require around 10-12 hours of walking without including the intermediate breaks! After paying our obeisance at the Pawankhind we would try and reach Gajapur by 8.00 PM on Saturday itself! It would be our stay for night halt.

Sunday again starts early and we would do Vishalgad and our return journey to Kolhapur. We would be boarding Kolhapur-Mumbai Mahalakshmi express which leaves Kolhapur at 7.25 PM. We would reach Dadar on Monday at 7.00 AM and head back for our respective work domains!

We would soon be collecting sums for the upcoming mega event for reservations and other preparations! The cost of the trek would be 1200 Rs and would be collected this week since train reservations and everything needs to be prepared well in advance! So kindly contact: Dr. Shailendra Acharya on 9975373107.

Please note: Reservations to be done by next saturday. So kindly contact the abovementioned number or drop in a mail at itrekz@gmail.com so as to confirm and deposit the required sum for your seat reservations and participation!

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Naneghat-Jivdhan-Bhoranda Nal trek on 28th-29th June 2008

Posted by itrekz on June 17, 2008

Raireshwar-Kenjalgad trek was an experience unparalleled!

Well, after the recently concluded trek in Bhor region, iTrekz would be venturing out for Naneghat-Jivdhan-Bhoranda Nal trek on 28th-29th June 2008

Naneghat is an ancient pass near Vaishakhare around 60 Kms from Kalyan. Its around 2 hours trek from the base. Jivdhan is an strong and imposing fort overlooking Naneghat. Its around two and half hours trek from Naneghat. Bhoranda Nal is another ghat descending down from Naneghat to Bhoranda village near Moroshi.

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Raireshwar-Kenjalgad-Kamalgad trek coming weekend

Posted by itrekz on June 9, 2008

iTrekz would be visiting the forts Kamalgad and Kenjalgad and the massive plateau of Raireshwar coming weekend, marking the beginning of its monsoon treks. We would be visiting these forts in the sequence RaireshwarKenjalgadKamalgad.

We would be departing from Mumbai on Friday, 13th June night. Reaching Bhor early on Saturday, 14th June, we would start with Raireshwar in the morning and in the latter half would visit Kenjalgad fort. We would be camping in a Khavali village at the base of Kenjalgad or walk towards Wasole village (approx 8 kms) at the base of Kamalgad on Saturday depending on the situation then.

Sunday morning, 15th June,  starting early we would visit Kamalgad fort and head on our way back towards Mumbai. We will try and make it to Mumbai as early as possible.

Some minimalistic jots about these forts…

Raireshwar, standing more than 4500 feet tall, still bear the mute witnesses to the oath of Swarajya that Shiv Chattrapati took here in 1645. The temple is a humble one with a Shivling and an idol of Lord Raireshwar (Shiva). Raireshwar is a thickly forested plateau overlooking the backwaters of Dhom and standing next to Kenjalgad.

Kenjalgad (4269 feet) can be reached from Raireshwar via the Shwandara route in two and half hours. A beautiful view of the Dhom lake below and Kamalgad fort standing on the other side of the backwaters. The rock cut steps of Kenjalgad are really nice bit of work.

Kamalgad is a fort standing 4522 feet tall in front of Kenjalgad on the other side of Dhom backwaters. Dense forest and thick vegetation is one of the hallmarks of Kamalgad and in monsoons, it surely is a treat. Wonderful topographic view of the surrounding region including Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani from the Balekilla, provided the mist and fog clear its thick network!

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Lonavala-Bhimashankar trek

Posted by itrekz on May 20, 2008

One of the long treks that we plan to do coming monsoons.

The trek would include a long and circuitous route from Lonavala to Bhimashankar via the Ganesh gaht route. The route would be as follows

Lonavala-Tungarli-Valvand-Kundeshwar-Kusur-Wandre khind-Velholi-Bhimashankar

The trek is to be completed in the time frame from Friday night to Sunday evening and given the schedules, it definitely implies that its going to be a arduous one. The thickets of the Bhimshankar sanctuary and the ascends and descends along the route amidst thick fog and heavy rains drenching you would be an experience to have.

The trek is not about reaching the destination, but it is more about trekking itself.

Dates announced: Embarking on Friday night (25th July) through Saturday and coming back on Sunday (27th July).

We would be boarding the Solapur bound Siddheswar express, which departs from Mumbai CST at 22.35 (10.35 PM) on 25th of July, the Friday night.

Boarding: No reservations done, since Lonavala is just couple of hours journey. We would be boarding the general compartment (Mumbai end). People would be boarding the train from Dadar, so please mail in your email ids/phone numbers so that you can coordinate amongst yourself and meet at Dadar. Some people would join in at Kalyan.

Interested ones can mail at itrekz@gmail.com

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Some hardcore treks

Posted by itrekz on May 17, 2008

Some really enjoyable hardcore treks..

  • Alang-Madangad-Kulang
  • Harishchandragad-Kaladgad-Bhairavgad-Kunjargad
  • Harsichandragad via Nalichi vat
  • Dhakoba-Durg
  • Rawlya-Jawlya-Dhodap
  • Salher-Hargad-Mora-Mulher
  • Kamal-Kenjal-Raishreshwar
  • Rajgad-Torna-Raigad
  • Raigad-Konkandiva
  • Ratanwadi-Ratangad-Karoli-Samrad-Dehne
  • Jungli Jaigad-Helwak cha Ramghal-Bhairavgad-Prachitgad-Mahimatgad
  • Juna Vasota-Vasota-Nageshwar-Chorawane
  • Indrai-Chandwad-Rajdher-Koldher
  • Anjaneri-Bhramhagiri-Harihar-Basgad

And many more.. add your list by including them in your comments

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