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All along the coastline

Konkan Biking trail

Posted by itrekz on May 17, 2008

Tentative itinerary for the upcoming event list
The schedule is subject to change as the circumstances on the actual outing dictates and on the general consensus of its majority of the participants.

Bike trip to Konkan region
Mumbai-Mandangad-Bankot-Anjarle-Harnai and back

  • Mumbai-Panvel : 45 Km
  • Panvel-Pen : 25 Km
  • Pen-Wadkhal : 7 Km
  • Wadkhal-Nagothane : 23 Km
  • Nagothane-Kolad : 21 Km
  • Kolad-Lonera : 32 Km
  • Lonera-Mandangad : 23 Km
  • Mandangad-Bankot : 30 Km
  • Bankot-Anjarle : 16 Km
  • Anjarle-Harnai : 7 Km

Mumbai-Harnai : 230 Kms
To and Fro, including the circuitous visits to forts and nearby areas like Velas : 500 Km

Forts to be covered:

  • Bankot
  • Goa
  • Fattegad
  • Harnai
  • Suvarnadurga
  • Kanakdurga
  • Mandangad

Rough plan:

  • Friday night departure from Mumbai; i.e. on 30th May
  • Saturday : Bankot fort-Velas-Anjarle-Harnai-Goa-Kanakdurga-Fattegad-Suvarnadurga; i.e. 31st May
  • Sunday: Mandangad fort and return journey to Mumbai; i.e. 1st June

The exact plan and the details would be discussed and elucidated at the pre-tour meetings.

All those who are interested can drop in a mail at itrekz@gmail.com


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Sea forts

Posted by itrekz on May 17, 2008

Maharashtra is lined by 720 km of total coastline abutting the Arabian Sea to its west. All along the length of the coastal region, the Konkan strip harbours some of the most beautiful beaches, temples, hills and forts. These forts are scattered along the coastline and many of them even built on small land masses/islands in the sea. These sea forts and standing sentinels of the wonderful architecture and magnanimous efforts that the bygone era has witnessed. Kulaba, Sindhudurga, Vijaydurga, Janjira are some of the very well known sea forts, however there are innumerable small forts (kots) dotting the Konkan coast.

One thing about these sea forts are that visiting these, although leaves the tourist in the same awe as its hill fort counterparts, doesn’t require the same amount of physical endurance for the obvious reasons. Visit to these architectural grandeurs is a matter of relaxing outing, seeming more like a picnic. Owing to the close proximity of these forts separated by the penetrating network of low-lying hills and creeks, reliance on public transport is not very prudent when one contemplates to visit many forts in a short period of time. In such cases, having a personal vehicle for transportation is always a better choice. We being the real raw enthusiasts always would resort to our humble two wheelers to provide the saddle. Moreover, driving on the coconut lined narrow boulevards along the sea shore and sun-kissed beaches of Konkan can be a pleasure worth experiencing in any season, but heavy monsoons.

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