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Books available on Sahyadris in English and Marathi

Books available on Sahyadris

Posted by itrekz on May 16, 2008

Here are few books available on Sahyadris in English and Marathi languages, which I can presently recollect. The list will go on increasing as and when we get our hands on other books. Currently these books are available in our library. Kindly add other books that we have missed out in this section by dropping a comment mentioning the name of the book and its author.

English Books

  • Offbeat Tracks In Maharashtra: Milind Gunaji
  • A Rendevouz With Sahyadris : Harshal Mahajan
  • Trek The Sahyadris: Harish Kapadia
  • The Sahyadri Companion

Marathi Books

  • Advatecha Maharashtra : P.K Ghanekar
  • Avhaan : Anand Palande
  • Bhatkanti: Milind Gunaji
  • Maajhi Mulukhgiri : Milind Gunaji
  • Bhatkanti Raigad Jilhyachi : P.K. Ghanekar
  • Dongar yatra: Anand Palande
  • Dongarmaitri : Anand Palande
  • Durga Darshan : G.N. Dandekar
  • Maharashtra Dashan : G.N. Dandekar
  • Durga Bhramangatha : G.N. Dandekar
  • Koknatil Paryatan : P.K Ghanekar
  • Leni Maharashtratil : P.K. Ghanekar
  • Kille : Anand Palande
  • Jaladurganchya Sahawaasat : P.K Ghanekar
  • Sahyadritil Bhatkanti : P.K Ghanekar
  • Sangati Sahyadrichi
  • Chala Trekkingla : Panduranga Patankar
  • Chala Sahalila : Panduranga Patankar
  • Chadhai-Utraee Sahyadritil Ghatanchi: Anand Palande
  • Athato Durga Jigyasa : P.K Ghanekar

Here is a comprehensive list of other books available on Sahyadris and other forts in India http://sahyadribooks.org/booklisting.asp


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