iVenturez: Outdoors and Adventures

Terrestrial, Aqua and Aero – Complete adventure!


Who are we?
iTrekz India is an outdoor and adventure organization aiming to promote the outdoor activities with its real ‘hardcore’ essence! We have been trekking for more than two decades now and the essence and ethics of outdoor activities has been ingrained in us since years, but only now it spells under a banner called as iTrekz India.

What we have?
A strong ethical sense of outdoor and adventure activities has been incorporated in the core of the organization with years of experience to back up. The common motive, clear and lucid protocols, efficient planning and implementation of strategies and conducive decision making abilities at the blink of an eyelid are some attributes our team and hallmark of our activities.

What we want? You!
We have tasted the sweet poison of unadulterated outdoor activities in Sahyadris when we set our footsteps in wilderness. We have seen and experienced the purest essence of trekking and hiking in the Sahyadris. The rugged topography, the isolation, the historical significance, the dilapidated ruins and such. We learned a lot. But in the due course, we have realized that ease of access and the zillions of trekking communities that crop up everyday in a city like ours have actually ravaged through the vintage essence and the charm of trekking. The entire meaning of trekking is changing in our face and is robbed of its charm completely. iTrekz merely wants to spread and reinstill the essence in its treks and outdoor activities.

With all the seniors and experienced person and their invaluable advices backing us, we have a faith and a glimmering ray of hope to popularize trekking as an activity in its truest and purest sense.

What you get?
Leadership! Well, as activities evolve we have also realized and identified with our goals and mottos. We at iTrekz want to develop a leader, make a leader from every participant. The discipline, flexible schedules and ability to cope with situations is to be instilled in every individual and we would like every participant to have a leadership  mettle and identify and respect roles and responsibilites in outdoor events. Well at the same time every member of iTrekz thoroughly understands that it is completely a group activity, unless one decides to go solo!

Join in.

Thanks and Regards,
iTrekz India

Have any query and/or any suggestion? Any information required and/or to be given? Know more about us and/or tell us about you? Just write into us at itrekz@gmail.com

iTrekz India

Email: rohan@iventurez.com

CLICK HERE to know more about us!


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