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Lonavala to Bhimashankar.. A Trek!

Posted by itrekz on July 28, 2008

Hello everyone..
Lonavala to Bhimashankar trek cannot be described anything other than Lost-n-Found sorts!

We did it in less than 2 days.. albeit the last 2 hours eluded us..
We completed.. Lonavala-Valvanda-Kondeshwar-Kusur pathar-Kusur-Savle-Talpaiwadi-Wandre Khind-Pardyarchiwadi-Lower plateau of Bhimashankar in less than 2 days.

That includes lots of missed trails… disoriented trudges in hope to find some village.. some shelter for the night.. never ending.. cloud cover reducing visibility to barely 10 metres.. heavy rains.. Same atop the Bhimashankar plateau the other day and a long walk back to Wandre..

Total distance covered.. approximately 75 kms.. inclusive of all missed trails and sorts..

Heavy rains.. thick fogs.. fully loaded sacks..!

A truly tough venture… and we resisted and stuck it out to our scheme of things.. by not taking a vatadya and roughing it out on our own .. in a terrain completely unknown that was further rendered hostile by incessant showers and reduced visibility!

Kudos to all those who participated and it was each of those 10 members who stuck it out in most adverse conditions..!

Pics… hmm; You must know that we all love our cameras.. and givern the heavy rains. pics were impossible!

Travelogue.. sure.. will follow sooner!


2 Responses to “Lonavala to Bhimashankar.. A Trek!”

  1. Nikhil said

    Well summed up dude..

    The best part was from Kondeshwar to Kusur.
    Low visibility was the main reason for our indecisiveness,a MAGNETIC COMPASS could have helped us at that time.
    On hindsight we took a firm decision and got lucky near the end.

    Also the spirit of the group should be applauded.
    Thanks to some stupid antics (by yours truly) and some heavy snoring in the night we shared
    lots of laughs,which released some of the weariness

    To conclude it was great would have been better if my shoulder would have lasted all the way
    [btw it was 1 of my better decisons,considerin how sore my shoulder is today :)]

  2. Vijay Pednekar said

    Congratulations! Well done! I set out on 19th July from Kondivade with a more modest target of reaching Khandi/Nilshi.I could manage to reach Kondeshwar by 4:30 in the evening.I could find no guides to take me to Kusur from Kondeshwar.Discretion is better part of valour they say. So I gave up and took the road to Kamshet via Jambivli. So I am quite keen to know what route you took from Kondeshwar.
    Also, will some one please tell me how to go to Khandi/Kusur from Karjat via Savle khind? how good/bad is the track?
    Vijay Pednekar

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