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Panhala-Vishalgad trek (approx 65+ kms trek)

Posted by itrekz on July 12, 2008

iTrekz would be conducting this event coming August!

Boarding the Mumbai-Kolhapur Mahalakshmi express on Thursday night (14th August) which leaves from Mumbai at 8.20 PM we reach Kolhapur on 15th August at 7.20 AM.

We would catch a bus and reach Panhala by 9.30 AM. We are already a day short on demand that most of us would not like to take leave from office either on Thursday or Monday! So A quick look and breakfast atop Panhala is allotted 2 hours. Actually Panhala offers much more to see but this particular event is about trekking and trying to reach Vishalgad that too in a short time span!

So we would leave Panhala by Pusati Buruj at around 11.30-12.00. We would then reach Mhasai temple and have our lunch at around 1.30 PM. Later a long day awaits for a long trek and we would try and camp at Karapewadi or further at Aardewadi for our night halt. It would require around 5 hours trek to reach there from the Mhasai temple.

Next day we start early and reach Patewadi for our break fast before 9.00 AM. Then via Pandharpeni (our lunch at around 2.00PM) we would try and reach Pawankhind at around 5.00 PM. The day is long and trek a tiring and would require around 10-12 hours of walking without including the intermediate breaks! After paying our obeisance at the Pawankhind we would try and reach Gajapur by 8.00 PM on Saturday itself! It would be our stay for night halt.

Sunday again starts early and we would do Vishalgad and our return journey to Kolhapur. We would be boarding Kolhapur-Mumbai Mahalakshmi express which leaves Kolhapur at 7.25 PM. We would reach Dadar on Monday at 7.00 AM and head back for our respective work domains!

We would soon be collecting sums for the upcoming mega event for reservations and other preparations! The cost of the trek would be 1200 Rs and would be collected this week since train reservations and everything needs to be prepared well in advance! So kindly contact: Dr. Shailendra Acharya on 9975373107.

Please note: Reservations to be done by next saturday. So kindly contact the abovementioned number or drop in a mail at itrekz@gmail.com so as to confirm and deposit the required sum for your seat reservations and participation!


2 Responses to “Panhala-Vishalgad trek (approx 65+ kms trek)”

  1. Chandrashekhar Phadnis said

    I am in Belgaum. I am interested in joining this trek. What are the charges for joining from Kolhapur? I am new to trekking. Can this be done by newcomers? What all will I need?


  2. itrekz said

    Hello Mr. Phadnis,
    The trek as such is a long walk of approximately 70 kms! It needs to be completed in a snapn of 2 and half days. The route is not a difficult or technical one, but surely doing a long trek demands some amount of endurance. If you are very well sure about the endurance and are willing to trudge for long distance, then you are most welcome.
    And as far as joining from Kolhapur is concerned, the charges would be 700 Rs (Rs. 500 for Mumbai-Kolhapur and back minus [1200-500]).

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