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Posted by itrekz on July 2, 2008

Region: Malshej ghat
Height: 3759 feet
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: Two days


  • Vaishakhare-Naneghat-Ghatghar-Jivdhan
  • Vaishakhare-Naneghat-Khadaparsi-Jivdhan
  • Junnar-Ghatghar-Jivdhan
  • Bhorande Nal-Ghatghar-Jivdhan

Sights to see: Naneghat cave and Ranjan, Steep fall into the Konkans from the Ghatghar plateau, small cave at the base of Khadaparsi pinnacle.

On Jivdhan fort: Kalyan Darwaja, Beautiful rock cut steps, Old Granary that still carries the ashes of the grains burnt in 1818, Jivai Devi temple, other remnants

Water availability:
Million dollar water as they utter! Wonderful potable water tanks on the top of Jivdhan fort provide water all round the year. One can fill the water bottles from Naneghat or Ghatghar village. No water in between for about 2 hours unless one reaches the top.

One can stay on Jivdhan in the outer yards of Granary if at all required. However, there is no other roofed shelter on the fort and it is feasible to stay at Ghatghar or in the cave of Naneghat.

Jivdhan was a very impregnable and majestic fort in those times and it is clearly evident by the sheer cliffs and vertical walls that render invaluable services to it. The Granary is worth a see and water tanks and other ruins on the fort suggest that it was a strategic fort in those days. The rock cut steps along the vertical cliffs is a treat and the magnificent view of the plains and the Khadaparsi pinnacle make is one of our favourites to visit time and again.

On top there is a small temple of Jivai Devi and other ruins besides the granary. The fort walls are still standing at some places and the bastions has given away under the bludgeoning from British canon way back in 1818.

The fort offers magnificent view of Khadaparsi pinnacle, Naneghat, Hadsar, Chavan, Manikdoh waters, Durg, Dhakoba, Gorakhgad-Machhindragad, Siddhagad; ofcourse not in monsoons.


The route is quite simple and well marked upto Naneghat. On reaching Naneghat, one has to walk straight towards Ghatghar village. It is a one hours’ walk from Naneghat cave. From Ghatghar a mud trail takes us to the base of the Jivdhan massif where rock cut steps greets us to scale the cliff.

A flight of around 72 rock cut steps takes us to the base of a small patch where the steps have been blasted during the 1818 raid by the British. However, there are small rock-cut niches along the way to make the climb easy. One must however be very careful during the monsoons as it can be slippery. After negotiating this patch a further flight of good steps takes us to the top of the fort in 15 minutes.

Naneghat to Ghatghar village is 45 minutes walk. It further takes 1 hour and 30 minutes from Ghatghar village.

One can also reach Ghatghar from Junnar. Direct buses ply regularly and also there are regular jeep services available. The route from Ghatghar remains the same as described above.

Bhoranda Nal-Ghatghar-Jivdhan
Bhoranda Nal is a very interesting and enjoyable route scaling up the plateau from Bhorande/Fagane village. One can alight at Bhorande village (68 km from Kalyan 0r 6 km before Moroshi on Kalyan-Ale Phata road).

From Bhorande village a mud trail proceeds obscurely and takes one to an upper plateau within an hour. The route comes and ends near the mouth of a stream. One has to follow this stream and ascend along it. The Nal is boulder ridden and can be quite slippery to negotiate in monsoons on certain patches. It is very enjoyable nevertheless.

The total ascend take around 3 hours. From the top plateau one can see Jivdhan in front. A 15 mins walk will take one to Ghatghar village. The route ahead remains the same as described above.

Time: 3 hours

From Naneghat cave reach the plateau and turn left. Walk straight towards the Khadaparsi pinnacle. In a short while, say around 20-30 minutes walk we come across a Bungalow built on the plateau. From here a path goes straight to the base of Jivdhan rock wall, albeit through thick forest. One has to do a bit of searching to keep on the right track.

In another 30 minutes we come across rock cut steps leading to the upper ledge. From here a 5 minutes walk to our right takes us to the base of the Khadaparsi pinnacle. A nice cave is carved at the base of Khadaparsi pinnacle. Magnificent view of the surrounding region.

From Khadaparsi straight walk of 10 minutes along the trail takes one through a stair of rock cut steps to a narrow gully. A simple climb through this gully takes on to the top of Jivdhan fort via Kalyan Darwaja.

Time: 2 hours from Naneghat caves
Grade: Easy

Note: One must be very careful while visiting Jivdhan in monsoons. Primarily because the steps can get slippery, especially via the Ghatghar route the patch can be a bit tricky. Also the blinding fog can easily disorient the trekkers!


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