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Lonavala-Bhimashankar trek

Posted by itrekz on May 20, 2008

One of the long treks that we plan to do coming monsoons.

The trek would include a long and circuitous route from Lonavala to Bhimashankar via the Ganesh gaht route. The route would be as follows

Lonavala-Tungarli-Valvand-Kundeshwar-Kusur-Wandre khind-Velholi-Bhimashankar

The trek is to be completed in the time frame from Friday night to Sunday evening and given the schedules, it definitely implies that its going to be a arduous one. The thickets of the Bhimshankar sanctuary and the ascends and descends along the route amidst thick fog and heavy rains drenching you would be an experience to have.

The trek is not about reaching the destination, but it is more about trekking itself.

Dates announced: Embarking on Friday night (25th July) through Saturday and coming back on Sunday (27th July).

We would be boarding the Solapur bound Siddheswar express, which departs from Mumbai CST at 22.35 (10.35 PM) on 25th of July, the Friday night.

Boarding: No reservations done, since Lonavala is just couple of hours journey. We would be boarding the general compartment (Mumbai end). People would be boarding the train from Dadar, so please mail in your email ids/phone numbers so that you can coordinate amongst yourself and meet at Dadar. Some people would join in at Kalyan.

Interested ones can mail at itrekz@gmail.com


6 Responses to “Lonavala-Bhimashankar trek”

  1. Shrinivas said

    I would like to do this trek. Let me know whenever you are going…..

    Send me an e mail at shrinivasgokhale@gmail.com

  2. devendra golatkar said

    I would like to join for this trek. To whom shall i contact,
    what are charges,

  3. Rahul Khobragade said

    would like to do this trek. Let me know whenever you are going…..

  4. Shrinivas said


    Let me know the time schedules and expenses for the trek.

    Two of my friends wants to join the same.


  5. Ashish Agrawal said


    I am interested, I have already mailed u guys regarding the same.

    PLease let me know your decision.


    99**7*0*8* [We got it Ashish ;)]

  6. itrekz said

    Well, Thanks for the responses! I hope all the queries regarding the trek and details have been already addressed through personal correspondence via emails and telephone! Well, if anything more is still not clear or required to be known, feel free to drop a comment or and email or a call!
    iTrekz India.

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