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Konkan Biking trail

Posted by itrekz on May 17, 2008

Tentative itinerary for the upcoming event list
The schedule is subject to change as the circumstances on the actual outing dictates and on the general consensus of its majority of the participants.

Bike trip to Konkan region
Mumbai-Mandangad-Bankot-Anjarle-Harnai and back

  • Mumbai-Panvel : 45 Km
  • Panvel-Pen : 25 Km
  • Pen-Wadkhal : 7 Km
  • Wadkhal-Nagothane : 23 Km
  • Nagothane-Kolad : 21 Km
  • Kolad-Lonera : 32 Km
  • Lonera-Mandangad : 23 Km
  • Mandangad-Bankot : 30 Km
  • Bankot-Anjarle : 16 Km
  • Anjarle-Harnai : 7 Km

Mumbai-Harnai : 230 Kms
To and Fro, including the circuitous visits to forts and nearby areas like Velas : 500 Km

Forts to be covered:

  • Bankot
  • Goa
  • Fattegad
  • Harnai
  • Suvarnadurga
  • Kanakdurga
  • Mandangad

Rough plan:

  • Friday night departure from Mumbai; i.e. on 30th May
  • Saturday : Bankot fort-Velas-Anjarle-Harnai-Goa-Kanakdurga-Fattegad-Suvarnadurga; i.e. 31st May
  • Sunday: Mandangad fort and return journey to Mumbai; i.e. 1st June

The exact plan and the details would be discussed and elucidated at the pre-tour meetings.

All those who are interested can drop in a mail at itrekz@gmail.com


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