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Posted by itrekz on May 16, 2008

Welcome to iTrekz blog! Keep yourself updated!

Hiking: Usually a weekend outing not lasting beyond couple of days

Trekking: A trek is a longer version of a hike, not essentially in a hilly terrain but extending usually to a period of one week, plus minus.

Mountaineering: A challenging activity, usually at much higher altitudes, which most of us haven’t really experienced. Hail to Reinhold Meissner

Climbing: Is ascending vertical cliffs/faces/rock walls/boulders (bouldering)/ice/artificial walls and such. It can be aided or unaided.

Sahyadris is perfect haven for weekend hikes; which of course can also offer an enjoyable trek when a particular range is being covered.

Himalayas without doubt offers some of the best and challenging avenues for high altitude mountaineering.

All those who understand these above mentioned points and nuances and those who wish to understand and share such are welcome to join and be a part of our events.

iTrekz India aims to promote the “hardcore” outdoor adventure activities.

e-mail: itrekz@gmail.com


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